Lexi Soulios


Wednesday, October 13-Saturday, October 16


Have more time to create, recharge your energy, and earn more money authentically–
with less effort and stress. 

Lexi Soulios


Wednesday, October 13-

Saturday, October 16


Have more time to create, recharge your energy, and earn more money authentically–
with less effort and stress. 

Complimentary Online Event


9  Live Interviews


1  Life-Changing Training

You can be authentic + live your creative dream.

Maybe it feels like you have to create what the market wants (rather than what you're inspired to make).


Maybe you're over-extended but worry if you pause for a moment, you'll miss an opportunity of a lifetime.


Maybe it's hard to set boundaries with other people, and that drains your energy, confidence and creativity. 


We can change that.

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Join us for a transformational four days (free of charge) that will reshape the way you live your craft and your life.

REGAIN YOUR BALANCE: Find out how to have both more time to create AND to recharge your energy. (Stop feeling like a hamster on a wheel, so you can be your best when it’s time to create.)

BOUNDARIES THAT SUPPORT YOU: Discover what it takes to quit over-giving, and instead connect with the true value of your art. With these shifts, your work will be in higher demand with the right audience, bringing you more money for less effort and stress.


BE AUTHENTIC: Discover how to grow (or pivot) your business in a way that feels aligned and keeps YOU in control of your brand. (Think no more social media strategies that feel fake or agents who push you in directions that don’t feel right).


INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE: Find out how to stop the self-criticism, thoughts of whether your work will sell, and comparing yourself to others that freeze your creative flow. With this approach, you can be in the present moment more and feel freer to create work you'll love.


Receive insight and inspiration from

guest interviews with 9 seasoned experts

 who will help you see new possibilities.

Nadine Ferris France

Nadine Ferris France

Expert in The Work by Byron Katie, Nadine will show you how questioning your thoughts can free you from limiting beliefs and enable you to fulfill your potential as a creative professional. 

Rashida Black

Rashida Black

Licensed clinician and hypnotherapist, Rashida will show you how reprogramming your mind can give you the confidence to honor your authentic creative flow and ensure your work reaches those who will value it most. 

Kimberly Ann Johnson

Kimberly Ann Johnson

Best-selling author and trauma educator, Kimberly will reveal little-known secrets about the nervous system that can awaken your power to set the vital boundaries every creator needs. 

Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore

As an International EFT (Tapping) Expert, Melanie will share how to instantly release tension and stress so you can bring your full presence and best self to your creative work.  

Tiffany Neuman

Tiffany Neuman

The go-to brand strategist of celebrity entrepreneurs, Tiffany will be pulling back the curtain on how to use time management, delegation, and boundaries to avoid burnout and achieve even more. 

Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao

Unmistakable Creative podcast host who’s interviewed over 500 creatives, Srinivas will reveal the top 3 creativity killers to avoid if you want to produce your highest quality work (and more of it). 

Alexis Fedor

Alexis Fedor

Hugely successful business-of-art coach, Alexis will share what it takes to grow your profits (in any creativity-based business) so that you have more resources to invest in refining your craft and enjoying your life.

Chelene Knight

Chelene Knight

Multi-award winning author and advocate for creative sustainability, Chelene will share a refreshing, counterintuitive solution to creative burnout that will have you completely re-assessing the way you approach your work / life balance.

Lexi Soulios

Lexi Soulios

An expert Family & Systemic Constellations facilitator, Lexi will share unforgettable insight into how releasing burdens from your ancestors (and even past lives) can open you to unlimited creativity, career success, and wellbeing. 

At the end of these 4 days, you'll see a path forward that has way more reward and less struggle. 

Wednesday, October 13

12pm ET ~ Rashida Black
2pm ET ~ Tiffany Neuman
4pm ET ~ Srinivas Rao

Thursday, October 14

12pm ET ~ Alexis Fedor
2pm ET ~ Lexi Soulios
4pm ET ~ Nadine Ferris France

Friday, October 15

12pm ET ~ Chelene Knight
2pm ET ~ Kimberly Ann Johnson
4pm ET ~ Melanie Moore

Saturday, October 16

12pm ET ~ Training in The Eleusis Method for Creatives

PLUS, receive...

  • A powerful self-assessment tool to give you crystal-clear insight into what needs your attention most

  • A PDF Workbook full of extras from our guests/speakers

  • Access to a private online community of creatives of all kinds

Unlock the power and magic of The Unlimited Artist inside of you.


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Transform your future

Attend the 4-day event to meet 9 seasoned experts who will show you a brighter path forward.


Love your career and life again

Watch the magic of a benevolent universe uplift the trajectory of your life and creative work.

Hundreds of artists, just like you, have been able to find more time to create, recharge their energy, and earn more money authentically – with less effort and stress.

James Twyman

Working with Lexi has transformed my life.


NY Times Bestselling Author, Musician, and Filmmaker

Veronica Ferre

Working with Lexi is a transformative experience. She is a grounded, wise and nurturing healer, and I highly recommend her!


Set Designer and Art Director for Television​

Ali Katz

Lexi is one of the best when it comes to doing deep work with wisdom.​


Writer, Lawyer, and Business Visionary​

Rosemary R

The seemingly magical shifts Lexi has triggered have been astonishing. Her work has profoundly moved me.


Film Writer and Translator​

The 4-day Unlimited Artist Online Event is your invitation to a better life. 

  • Understand how past traumas keep you stuck in a cycle of exhaustion.

  • Explore out-of-the-box solutions to earning more from your art (even if your industry has limited options)

  • Discover the key to establishing boundaries that truly support you. (It’s more gentle than you think.)

  • Hear unconventional ways to gain more time in your day. 

  • Find out what it takes to increase the perceived value of what you create.

  • Connect to your best creative flow more often.

Lexi Soulios
Hi, I'm Lexi

Your Host and Creator of The Eleusis Method


Over the course of nearly two decades of therapeutic work and teaching, I've helped hundreds of artists and creatives release anxieties, career challenges, burn-out, and patterns of over-giving, so they could enjoy the best of what their art and life can be.

I'd be honored for you to join us.

You deserve to have more time to create, recharge your energy, 

and earn more money authentically – with less effort and stress. 

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